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  • for cutting very hard materials with coincident maximum stability under load, for all work with electrostatic endangered components
  • oval head, with bevel, maximum stability under load due to carbide inlay and box joint, with double opening leaf spring, polished and high gloss gunmetal-finish, with 2-C ESD handles, surface resistance 106 -109 Ohm
  • cutting edge hardness 84-86 HRA
  • ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 80 CrV2 / 1.2235 and special carbide metal
  • DIN ISO 9654, ESD: DIN IEC 614340-5-1


4620 M E 2K

Piano AWG: 0,6 /22

Hard AWG: 1,0 /18

Medium AWG: 2,0 /12

LengthL 125mm

Weight: 98g


(ELORA 4620) Electronic Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter ESD

  • ELORA 4620 

  • Elora

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