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  • 15 pcs.
  • in black plastic box with 2-colour foam material
  • TORX® = reg. trade mark of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC. USA



Electronic Side Cutter, ESD 4560-ME 2K, 4530-OE 2K 

Electronic Flat Nose Plier, ESD 4710-OH E 2K

Electronic Snipe Nose Plier, ESD 4660-OH E 2K

Electronic Screwdriver, ESD 600-IS 0,8x60, 1,5x60, 2,5x60

Electronic Screwdriver, ESD 610-PH 000x60, 00x60, 0x60

Electronic Screwdriver for TORX®-Scerews, ESD 620-TX 5, 6, 7

Electronic Tweezers, ESD 5330-STE, 5340-STE

Weight: 2100g

(ELORA 600 S15) ESD Set

  • ELORA 600 S15

  • Elora

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