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  • according to precision class II
  • measuring tape corresponds to EU-directive 2014/32/EU, i.e. it is CE-marked and due to this initially calibrated
  • with warp resistant, light A-frame
  • with tangential tape extraction for protection against deformation of the tape
  • ergonomic grip design
  • steal measuring tape, white lacquered and sealed with transparent UV-lacquer
  • protection against subsurface corrosion by zinc phosphating
  • one-sided partitioning mm
  • start A (measure starts approx. 10 cm behind the fitting) with plastic ring
  • roll-up mechanism running on a steel shaft with high plain bearings effect


1546XL 30

Length of Tape: 30m

Width of Tape: 13mm

Length: 320mm

Weight: 780g


1546XL 50

Length of Tape: 50m

Width of Tape: 13mm

Length: 320mm

Weight: 1200g

(ELORA 1546 XL) Measuring Tape

  • ELORA 1546 XL

  • Elora

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