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  • 42 pcs.
  • in plastic case with hard foam insert
  • for cutting internal and external threads Mf3 to Mf12
  • Consisting of hand taps (2 steps), tap wrench, twist drills, circular dies, die holder, guideways and thread gauge
  • incl. guides for circular dies
  • according to DIN 352



hand taps (2 steps): M3x0,35; M4x0,5; M5x0,5; M6x0,75; M8 x 1,0; M10x1; M12x1,5

twist drills: Ø 2,6; 3,5; 4,5; 5,2; 7,0; 9,0; 10,5

2 tap wrench

circular dies Mf3 ,Mf4, Mf5, Mf6, Mf8, Mf10, Mf12

holder for circular dies

7 guides

thread gauge | screwdriver

Weight: 4000g

(ELORA 1363 SF) Thread Cutting Assortment, Fine Thread, HSS

  • ELORA 1363 SF

  • Elora

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