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  • up to 10.000 Nm
  • planetary gear (1-, 2- or 3-stepped)
  • specially hardened gear wheels
  • permanent internal greasing
  • sliding bearings on drive side and power take-off side
  • overload protection (one additional sun wheel with overload cutout is included)
  • exchangeable drive heads
  • matt chrome-plated /phosphated surfaces
  • torque multipliers 2601-3 until 2601-6 are all fitted with a return stop
  • bi-directional actuation
  • highest torque, high accuracy better than +-5% tolerance
  • attention, only for static actuation!
  • in waterproof case



• for clockwise and anticlockwise use

• no extremely long levers required any more

• uniform transmission of forces protects nuts and bolts

• reduced risk of personal injury

• compact, durable construction

• low weight

• no external power supply required

• guaranteed accuracy: ±5%

• long-term accuracy

• low-maintenance construction

• good value for money

• ideal in conjunction ELORA torque wrenches

• a range of supports available


Please refer to image for individual dimension

(ELORA 2601) Torque Multiplier

  • ELORA 2601

  • Elora

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