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  • for controlled torque application from 400 - 2100 Nm
  • main measurement unit for Nm with vernier scale, auxiliary measurement unit for ft.-lb.
  • Safe locking of the adjusted torque value by securing button at the handle end
  • ELORA-No. 2179-S: exchanging the locking knob through the safety cap, the torque can be fixed tamper-resistant
  • for clockwise fixing
  • reversible ratchet 1'' with smallest swivel angle 6°
  • with very noticeable and audible (''click'') signal
  • Extension Bar with nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C-handle
  • according to EN ISO 6789:2017 Part 1, Typ II Class A
  • with traceable declaration of conformance
  • tripping accuracy +- 4%


Please refer to image for individual dimension

(ELORA 2080 - 2100)Torque Wrench 1" With Vernier Scale

  • ELORA 2080 - 2100

  • Elora

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