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YEW AIK HUNG PRIVATE LIMITED has been an established hardware company with a rich history of about 80 years dated back to 1936. We specialise in the distribution of mechanic and workshop hand-tools used by many professionals and technicians.

We carry many popular brands in our distribution. Our main products are ELORA tools from Germany being one of the largest stockist in the world. FORCE tools from Taiwan, SATA tools from Apex Tool Group(USA), BRITOOL torque wrenches (UK), NEXUS pullers(Germany) etc… These quality goods are especially good for the automotive, shipbuilding, manufacturing and even aviation industries – for repair and maintenance purposes. Our products are value for money with satisfaction.

On top of that, we also supply various tools such as Assortment & Storage Units, Spanners & Wrenches, Sockets, Impact Tools, Screwdrivers, Torque Wrenches, Electrician & Fine Mechanics Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Measuring & Checking Tools,  Automotive & Special Tools as well as other different tools!

Our other services also comprise of Foam Cutting & Fitting where we customize foam templates to fit and keep your tools in place, whether is it in the Tool Trolley or Tool Cabinets. Also, we provide Torque Wrench Calibration services that will enable the wrench to accurately measure torque, enabling a fastener to be tightened with the correct tension and also prevent mutual connection failures.   

We have been a major supplier to several ST Groups and institutions and have been given very strong supports from our manufacturers and principals.

Please contact us for more information to meet your requirements.


YEW AIK HUNG 80 years history

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